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Ride on Cars

24 May 2019

If you are looking for something different, the ride-on car is the ultimate child’s toy. What child wouldn’t want to cruise around the backyard in a Ferrari? Ride-on cars help to increase a child’s spatial awareness, improve reaction times, and develop cognitive thinking not to forget their motor skills. Instead of a computer game or…

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Planning for a stress-free Christmas

17 October 2018

It’s seems like it’s happened in a blink – but the end of year is in sight, with Christmas just around the corner. A little pre-planning can help, so that the end of the year is stress-free and runs smoothly! Budget-friendly updates… Do you have a yard with older equipment, you know the type…still works,…

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5 tips to keep your kids safe on their backyard swing set

29 August 2018

Tyre swings: we all remember this backyard classic, don’t we? That diy-parent moment, when a swing was quickly set up, with items available and hung from the nearest tree. It gave us all that ‘feels like I’m flying’ moment, when you were sure you could touch the sky. And as awesome as that was, when…

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4 Tips to caring for your dog this winter

1 August 2018

Winter can be a tough season. And for all of us, when the cold weather hits, we quickly look for ways to keep ourselves warm and protected from the elements. There are a number of things we can do as pet owners, to keep our dog happy and healthy until the weather warms again. Here’s…

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Planning for a stress-free Christmas

20 June 2018

It’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway through the year, with winter here and cold weather at our door. Lots of us are starting to think about what’s ahead, even thinking about Christmas, looking at our backyards and wondering what we can do to keep the little people in our lives happy and healthy once…

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Let’s play: creating an outdoor space your kids will love.

17 April 2018

In a tech-filled world, finding ways to occupy our kids that doesn’t involve a screen is something almost every parent is looking for. Having a backyard that provides a screen-free haven of outdoor fun, can help craft imagination and creativity in all of our children. Here’s a few tips on creating a fun, interesting space…

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Mini trampoline fitness during the cooler months

20 March 2018

It’s usually around this time of year that our excited and optimistic New Years fitness resolutions have been well and truly given up. Buried in fact (well, for many of us at least). With cooler weather on the horizon, most of us are starting to think about winter and the indoor life, rather than getting…

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AlleyOop comes to Playgrounds Geelong

8 February 2018

Playgrounds Geelong are now the distributors for the AlleyOop Trampolines. The manufacturers of AlleyOop place the safety of all users as their highest priority, developing a massive amount of safety features. These innovations for the protection of children led to them being invited to become one of 35 founding members of the U.S. Consumer Product…

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16 December 2017

DECEMBER 2017 We have five different Nest Swings here at Playgrounds Geelong  currently in stock Our basic Nest Swing is round, has a 100kg weight limit, is green and black, has a two point hanging system and costs $135. Our climbing Swivel  Nest swing is round, has a 100kg weight limit, is multi coloured with…

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22 November 2017

Christmas is not far away and while a lot of us have been planning for months, there are still some people who haven’t had a chance to start their Christmas shopping. On the Playgrounds Geelong website you will find heaps of ideas for all ages on your shopping list. We have cubbies, forts, monkey bars,…

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