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Sandpits for Sensory Play

2 March 2015

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Sandpit - Playforce Seats

Sandpits are inexpensive and don’t take up much space, yet their value to children in sensory play and co-operative play as well as the benefit to children’s health makes them invaluable.

It is vital for children to have contact with sensory materials such as sand, dirt, mud and water to be able to feel, touch and explore as well as building up resistance to infection and allergies.

Using sand is free play and there is no right or wrong way of using it and no instructions to follow.

There is a wealth of learning for children involved in play in sandpits:

  • Social skills of sharing and co-operative play and communication
  • Creative skills of planning, designing and building
  • Physical skills of digging and tunneling
  • Concepts of measurement of weight, volume, height, length, depth and balance, over, under, below, or on top of
  • Observing the scientific changes of dry sand and being able to pour it as opposed to wet sand and being able to mould and build with it
  • Both boys and girls of all ages and different levels can all work together in a sandpit
  • Lots of different play materials can be used at the same time, such as buckets, spades, sieves, trucks and other machinery as well as cooking and moulding materials
  • The Sandpit is a perfect relaxed spot to sit with children to talk or participate with or observe them

To remain healthy a Sandpit needs to let in light, air and rain and to keep out cats and dogs. It is for this reason that we recommend a Shade cloth cover rather than a vinyl cover. Shade cloth has the benefit of being the cheapest and healthiest option. It is simple to make your own shade cloth cover.

For the small amount of space and and not a large cost, the amount of learning and pleasure children gain from using a sensory sandpit makes it a valuable and essential addition to your backyard. We stock quality-made sandpits in Geelong with three sizes available. For this month of March we are offering them to you at a special price so please contact us for more information.