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Yearly Archive: 2017


16 December 2017

DECEMBER 2017 We have five different Nest Swings here at Playgrounds Geelong  currently in stock Our basic Nest Swing is round, has a 100kg weight limit, is green and black, has a two point hanging system and costs $135. Our climbing Swivel  Nest swing is round, has a 100kg weight limit, is multi coloured with…

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22 November 2017

Christmas is not far away and while a lot of us have been planning for months, there are still some people who haven’t had a chance to start their Christmas shopping. On the Playgrounds Geelong website you will find heaps of ideas for all ages on your shopping list. We have cubbies, forts, monkey bars,…

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Geelong Playground Boats

8 September 2017

Our Boats are fantastic for imaginative play. Made from Ecowood they are family friendly and compliant with government regulations. Playboats Original – seats 4 comfortably. Has two steering wheels and your choice of either binoculars or telescope Sandpit – seats two comfortably in the front and has a sandpit in the back. Three Bencher – For…

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Giant Pass the Pigs comes to Geelong

6 June 2017

Always looking to add new giant games to our party hire list we jumped when we saw Pass the pigs came in a giant game edition. As a a family we had great fun throwing snouters and jowlers, laughing as others pigged out. It is an easy game to play based on how the pigs fall…

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Meeting the Special Needs in our Geelong community and beyond

23 May 2017

As individuals, we all have different needs and likes and therefore our enjoyment comes in different forms. We believe that every child has the right to enjoy experiences. For the past year we have been searching for ways to meet the challenges of children’s needs in Geelong. After speaking to parents, teachers, case workers and physios…

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What can we do for wet weather fun in Geelong?

26 April 2017

With the start of the cold weather, now is the perfect time to purchase your children a cubby house. If you are trying to get the children away from the television but it is too wet outside, a cubby is the ideal solution. The children can be out of the house playing, but staying dry…

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What are the benefits of sensory swings for Geelong kids?

21 March 2017

The aim of sensory swings is help aid your child’s vestibular sensory system, which is our ability to know how to use muscles in relation to gravity. Gross and fine motor skills would fit into this category along with balance and movement.  So the basic movements of swinging, jumping, spinning and rocking are not only…

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28 January 2017

Playgrounds Geelong has added more exciting products to our range. We have found toys and cubby furniture made from high quality, ethically sourced, safe and sustainable products. These toys still spark your child’s imagination and include lots of fun play but when you choose these eco friendly products you can be confident that you are contributing to…

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