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22 November 2017

Christmas is not far away and while a lot of us have been planning for months, there are still some people who haven’t had a chance to start their Christmas shopping.

On the Playgrounds Geelong website you will find heaps of ideas for all ages on your shopping list. We have cubbies, forts, monkey bars, swings, ezyrollers, sheds for all ages, pet houses,  plus more. We are also in the middle of restocking our trampoline line with Jumpsport and Alleyoop. More on that later!

Give me a call or drop me an email with what you’re interested in and I will get you off some prices. Better still, come on in to the display yard on the corner of Pakington St and Gordon Ave, Geelong West.

Some of our suppliers are running low on stock and the cut off date for the sheds, cubbies and forts is looming so don’t miss out.