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Mini trampoline fitness during the cooler months

20 March 2018

It’s usually around this time of year that our excited and optimistic New Years fitness resolutions have been well and truly given up. Buried in fact (well, for many of us at least).

With cooler weather on the horizon, most of us are starting to think about winter and the indoor life, rather than getting ourselves fit and moving. But whatever the weather, there is a way to keep your fitness on the right track, even while still staying indoors during the cooler months. Our Jumpsport fitness trampolines are a great way to look after yourself and are a safe, low impact way to exercise.

Here’s our three top benefits in keeping your bounce-on during the winter months:

Stimulate the lymphatic system

Rebounding or jumping, pumps and begins to activate the flow of lymphatic fluids in our bodies. Over the winter months, flushing out toxins that get trapped in our body is vital and another way to help us stay healthy.

Stronger Heart

Aerobic fitness is always going to strengthen the muscles of the heart and improve our cardiovascular performance. Exercising on a trampoline means your heart can pump more blood with fewer beats, lowering your resting heart rate as a result. Regular work-outs mean your body and your heart doesn’t have to work as hard during every day usual activities. Which means more energy for the fun things in life!

Lowers blood pressure

In recent years, exercise has been found to be a great stress-reliever. And in a busy, high-paced world, maintaining low levels of stress is important to our overall health. Lowering our blood pressure by increasing the red blood cell count and getting oxygen moving quickly through our bodies can specifically be done with rebounding on a trampoline.

Studies have shown just working out 20 minutes on a mini-trampoline is like running for 30 minutes. Who doesn’t want more benefit, for less time? At Playgrounds Geelong, all of our compact Jumpsport fitness trampolines are quiet, with elastic cords rather than springs, some are fold-able to store in minimal space, are built for stability and have a larger jump surface to maximise your workout.

With a professional quality mini trampoline at your place, keeping healthy and happy over the cooler months is simple and fun. See a mini-trampoline in action here. Find out more here. Talk to us today on 5222 4484 or come and try one out.