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Let’s play: creating an outdoor space your kids will love.

17 April 2018

In a tech-filled world, finding ways to occupy our kids that doesn’t involve a screen is something almost every parent is looking for.

Having a backyard that provides a screen-free haven of outdoor fun, can help craft imagination and creativity in all of our children. Here’s a few tips on creating a fun, interesting space for your kids in your own backyard.


Got kids with excess energy? Are they bouncing off the walls? Providing physical challenges, like swinging, climbing, balancing and jumping all help kids to task risks (of the age appropriate kind) and become aware of what their bodies can do. It often builds confidence, strengthens muscles and helps improve gross motor skills. All while having a lot of fun in the fresh air!

Get creative and hang a rope swing in a tree, or a nest swing for lying back and watching the clouds float by. A trampoline with a basketball hoop adds extra challenge whilst bouncing. Monkey bars for muscle strength and ‘hanging-upside-down’ fun. A cubbyfort with a climbing wall, for problem solving and adding just that little bit of risk, while playing.


Providing open-ended play can boost creativity and imagination in kids. A sandpit can become a small space of immense creativity and help develop all those fine and gross motor skills every kid needs to succeed. A cubbyhouse can become anything your child’s imagination can think of – a café, a doctors surgery, a role-playing house where creativity and exploration of the world can happen, from the safety of their own backyard.


Connecting with nature and getting dirty is vital for kids of any age. Having a few logs for balancing on or jumping off, tree’s that are safe for climbing and exploring, shrubs for hiding behind and pretending , can make your own outdoor space appealing and fun. For the brave parents among us, setting up a simple mud kitchen or a small veggie box garden can give kids that extra opportunity to explore and learn.

Making an outdoor space your kids really want to play in will provide years of fun and activity in your own backyard. Playgrounds Geelong can get you set up with high quality equipment and with a bit of thought and planning, your backyard will be a place that promotes happy and healthy kids for years to come. Talk to us today or come and see what we have to help you create the play space you need at your place.