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5 tips to keep your kids safe on their backyard swing set

29 August 2018

Tyre swings: we all remember this backyard classic, don’t we? That diy-parent moment, when a swing was quickly set up, with items available and hung from the nearest tree. It gave us all that ‘feels like I’m flying’ moment, when you were sure you could touch the sky.

And as awesome as that was, when I think back, safety wasn’t really at the top of the list when it came to this kind of backyard joy.

These days, things are thankfully a little different and setting up a backyard swing set can be both fun and safe (because let’s face it, we don’t want to lose the fun!).

Here’s a few tips on setting up your kids backyard for fun and keep them safe at the same time:

Choose your location

Finding the right spot for your swing set is key when setting up swings for your yard. Look for a level spot, free of protruding tree stumps, rocks or other low lying structures.

Make sure to place your swing on the outer edges of the play area, without being too close to fences, pathways or other backyard sheds or structures.

Keep the area around the swing clear by at least 2.5m past the longest point of extension from the swing seat.

Soft Fall

Every swing set needs a soft place underfoot, just in case someone takes a tumble. There are lot’s of options, including sand, mulch or even rubberised surface tiles. Make sure there is at least 300mm of material laid under the play area.

All of these options mean that your child has a soft place to fall, reducing the chance of injury while playing.

Anchor points

Keeping your swing set stable ensures your equipment won’t move about or cause a sudden accident by tipping. Anchor hardware that bites deep into the ground and attaches to your equipment, offers both stability and the ability to move the equipment if needed.

If you’re confident you’ve found the perfect position for your swings, then concreting the legs of your equipment into the ground will mean stability for the long haul.


Once you’re set up, maintaining your backyard equipment, it’s vital to keeping up the safety levels for your kids.

Each spring, check all the hardware on your swing set: connectors, chains, plastic seats (any cracks or wear?). Look for splinters on wood frames or paint peeling on metal ones. Top up the softfall mulch underfoot, to keep a good level of padding in case of falls. Tighten bolts and oil swing hangers.

All these checks will mean your swing set not only lasts longer, but is as good safety-wise as the first day you installed it.

Pick the right swing for your kids

With a strong, basic swing set frame, the options on swing seats are many and can change and grow with your kids. A toddler swing can be switched up for a nest swing or disc swing as your kids get older, meaning you get more value and continual use over the course of many years.

You can even revive all those kid-memories of your own, with one of the various updated versions available in tyre swings (we have four different versions!). With safety-approved tree straps, giving your kids that ‘swinging from a tree’ feeling is totally possible and will definitely keep the backyard fun happening at your place for many years to come.

Check out our full range of swings and swing frames here. There’s sure to be something just right for your place!