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Ride on Cars

24 May 2019

If you are looking for something different, the ride-on car is the ultimate child’s toy. What child wouldn’t want to cruise around the backyard in a Ferrari? Ride-on cars help to increase a child’s spatial awareness, improve reaction times, and develop cognitive thinking not to forget their motor skills. Instead of a computer game or a tablet get children outside creating lasting memories.

Here are the benefits that Can Be Developed by Using Ride-On Toys:

  • Learning to Motor Skills: By operating the vehicle on various types of terrain, opening and closing doors or manipulating the dashboard, children will be using both fine motor skills and gross motor skills.
  • Learning to explore: While playing with a ride-on vehicle toy, they’ll be outside exploring their world and hunting down their next adventure.
  • Learning to play to Balance: Children who have played with ride-on toys find it easier as they grow older to ride bikes, and to use roller blades and roller skates, because they have learned to distribute their weight while operating vehicles on various surfaces.
  • Learning Spatial values: It is also important to note that spatial play is can be stimulated when your child is out exploring the outdoors in a ride-on vehicle. Improving observation skills and stimulate their imaginations.
  • Learning to play independently: One area that parents often struggle with is helping kids play independently. This is crucial for self-esteem and intrinsic motivation. Having the opportunity to drive a vehicle is often enough to get kids to play on their own. This is a great way for kids to recognize their thoughts and emotions and to learn how to express themselves in appropriate ways.
  • Learning to play in a group: By playing and riding their toys in groups, children learn how to better communicate with each other and to work as a team. Children learn how to understand the feelings of others, share ideas, give input, and work together productively.

Playgrounds Geelong has just added a range of Ride on cars that provide a world of fun, freedom, growth, and learning for children. Just watch the smile that breaks across every kid’s face as they discover that they are actually driving. Ride-on toys are wonderful, well-rounded toy for summer and beyond.