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The Best Value Christmas presents for your Child.

10 November 2015

The best presents for Children, in terms of value for money and how much these are used by children, are pieces of equipment that are multi-purpose. These are things that have more than one function and can be added to, or changed to grow with your child rather than remaining static in which case eventually…

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The Importance of a top Quality Trampoline for your Children’s safety.

30 September 2015

When shopping for Children’s trampolines it is vital that you consider more than just how much it is going to cost you in dollar terms. It could cost you a lot more in children’s injuries. Surgeons at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne report there has been a record jump in children’s trampoline injuries –…

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Benefits of outdoor imaginative play

29 August 2015

Children today have busy schedules packed with activities including dance classes, sport and music. But sometimes they need a breather, a chance to head outside and enjoy the delights of free, unstructured play. Creative backyard play, where kids can let their imagination run wild, is an important part of their development. A simple cubby house…

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Looking for special needs playground equipment in Geelong?

30 July 2015

As children rush into a cubby, it’s all about freedom to play and possibilities and their imagination runs wild. That’s why our special needs playground equipment in Geelong, including our Very Special Cubby, delivers for kids of all abilities. From cubby houses to swings and ramps, this equipment gives children with special needs the opportunity…

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Giant garden games hire for Geelong

24 June 2015

Hours of school-holiday fun! If you are looking for activities to keep your kids busy in the fast-approaching school holidays, then why not consider our range of giant garden games for hire in Geelong? There’ll be no need to remind your children to `go outside and play’. In fact, you might actually have trouble getting…

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Sandpits for Sensory Play

2 March 2015

Your Geelong supplier of quality sandpits, keeping kids active and learning Sandpits are inexpensive and don’t take up much space, yet their value to children in sensory play and co-operative play as well as the benefit to children’s health makes them invaluable. It is vital for children to have contact with sensory materials such as…

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Behaviour of timber used on our Cubbies, Playforts, Swing Frames and Sheds

29 January 2015

Timber or Wood is a natural product and therefore is not meant to be absolutely perfect like a manufactured product such as steel. There will be variations such as:  colour differences knots in the wood shape irregularities natural cracks which open and close There are some things that are used in our Playgrounds Geelong equipment…

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Timber Swing Frames are Best value for your Backyard.

9 October 2014

  The best value, most versatile and long lasting piece of equipment you can buy when you start your family is a really good quality solid timber swing frame from Playgrounds Geelong Just Awesome. These Swing Frames have top beams high enough and solid enough to carry any swing or attachment and will last from…

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Monkey Bars are Beneficial to Building Body Strength.

8 September 2014

Playgrounds Geelong Monkey Bars are fully adjustable in height to cater for your Children’s growing needs and capabilities. They are very beneficial for building upper body strength for both children and adults. Playgrounds Geelong Monkey Bars: Don’t require a large area and are cemented into the ground. Adjustable height between posts of the bars and…

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Geelong Trampolines

13 March 2014

Getting kids to do things that are good for them is a hard task for any parent!  It seems that for kids the thought of something being good for you must mean it’s no fun, it’s boring, or worst of all it’s hard work. Parents the world over have devised tricks to get kids to…

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