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Playgrounds Geelong - Just Awesome FAQs

How long does it take to assemble a cubby?

The short answer is 2 to 3 hours. However this answer doesn’t take into account the variables involved and the fact that we answer the question based on the average time it would take our installers. Our installers put up cubbies on a more regular basis and know the product and if you are pressed for time, motivation or feel you can’t be bothered we have an installation service.

If however you want to do it yourself, your cubby can be picked up from Playgrounds Geelong – Just Awesome or delivered to your house. The key benefits of buying a cubby from Playgrounds Geelong is the way it comes pre assembled as a flat pack so instead of having to build the cubby from the ground up and spend countless weekends constructing a cubby, at the most you only have to reserve a day max to get the kids out of the lounge room and outdoors enjoying the benefits of outdoor and creative play. All you need is some time and basic Handyman skills. One father told us it took months of weekends to build their first cubby, “never again”  so they went for the pre-assembled cubby quicker and easier.

So here are some tips we can give you when it comes to installing your cubby.

  • Make sure your site is level. Get the foundation right and the rest will fall into place. Make sure you break out the spirit level.
  • Phone a friend. The panels can be quite heavy and an extra hand will certainly come in handy.
  • Make sure your site is level. Did I already say that.
  • The one tool that will come in handy if you don’t already have one is an impact driver
  • Moving along, square up your first layer by making sure your diagonal corners measure the same.
  • If your Cubby sits on the ground lay your floorboards on the bearers butting it up against the guide at the back of the cubby. The bearers and decking come as one piece .
  • If your cubby is on an elevation, assemble your elevation making sure you are all squared up along the way. Now put the bearers and decking on the elevation kit and square it up.
  • If your floorboards don’t run flush, there is a good chance you need to re-square the base.
  • Next is the walls. As Jamie Oliver would say “Easy Peasy”. Start with the front, this way you can use the door to keep the wall up while you place the second wall in place
  • Place and screw in gables once the walls are done
  • When doing the roof place the ridge cap on one of the roof panels first as this will make your job easier.
  • Now place the verandah panel in position and now you can put on the roof.

Once that is all done it is probably time for a coffee or Beer before you start tacking on all the bells and whistles.

All of our cubbies come with full instructions and if you do find yourself scratching your head we are happy for you give to give us a call.

Watch video of a cubby being assembled.

Do you supply and deliver playground equipment outside Geelong?

We do! We also deliver to Anglesea, Bannockburn, Colac, Drysdale, Lara, Leopold, Lorne, Point Cook, Queenscliff, Torquay, Werribee, Winchelsea and more. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are outside these areas.

I would love to have a swing set but it needs to be cemented in. Are you able to do that?

Yes we can. We will happily deliver and install any of our swing sets, monkey bars as well as cubbies. We know how busy parents are and we want to make your life easier with this service. Once installed, your children can enjoy hours of fun! However, if you would prefer not to have your swing set cemented in we do stock both Free Standing Single and Double Swing Frames that do not need to be cemented in. This means you can move them around your garden and take them with you if you move home.

Are you able to install any of your playground equipment?

Absolutely. Whether you purchase a cubby, play fort, sandpit or any of our other products, we will happily deliver and install them for you. We have installed products in Geelong, Melbourne, Colac, the Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast through to Lorne. We have installed products for homes, kindergartens and schools, so whatever your needs and wherever you are, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What are your cubby houses made of?

Our wooden cubby houses are made out of the highest quality timber. They are Australian made and manufactured to a high standard to give you Geelong playground equipment that will not only look great but will last the distance!

What trampolines do you recommend from a safety standpoint?

We recommend AlleyOop trampolines. We have the Variable Bounce and Double Bounce AlleyOop trampolines. Both of these trampolines have the option of adding a Power Bounce kit which makes them even more bouncy! The Variable Bounce has one mat and one lot of springs and the Double Bounce has two mats and two lots of springs. When you add the power bounce kit the extra springs go in between the existing springs.

The Double Bounce AlleyOop Trampoline with two mats and two sets of springs is the safest of all the types, which is why Alleyoop has a patent on these. With five separate patents and over 25 safety innovations, AlleyOop makes the only advanced, safety-engineered trampolines in the world!

Do you allow laybuy?

We have a generous laybuy option so you can organise the perfect gifts for the children in your life well before important dates such as birthdays and Christmas. We require regular but flexible payments throughout the life of your laybuy. Visit us at Playgrounds Geelong and we will help you choose the most appropriate product for the age and ability level of the children you are purchasing for. We think all kids should be able to play, explore, grow and learn!

See our testimonials for what our happy customers have to say.