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AlleyOOP & Jumpsport Trampoline Wholesalers

Playgrounds Geelong–Just Awesome are your trusted jumpsport trampoline distributors. We sell different types of trampolines to cater to children of all ages and requirements. All of our equipment comes with extensive built in safety features, to make sure our equipment is used for its designed purpose—fun and play.

We have also recently become AlleyOop trampoline distributors with various AlleyOop options pictured below. AlleyOop trampolines are some of the most innovative and spectacular Jumpsport products on the market, offering power bounce, variable bounce, double bounce, and double power bounce options.

They are also a leading safety manufacturer in the U.S, as a founding member of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Product Safety Circle.

Whether you run a childcare, are looking to purchase the perfect gift for your children or wanting to become a trampoline wholesaler, we have products to suit your needs.

You can enquire about becoming a Jumpsport trampoline wholesaler or Alleyoop trampoline wholesaler by filling out the form below:

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